All About Durian Delivery Jurong West

by Stephen Gilpin
All About Durian Delivery Jurong West

The humble durian has been the eye of the storm when it comes to debates on fruits; this fruit is enjoyed across south-east Asian countries. It is a fruit that has mustered up much of a storm when it comes to how people perceive it, with many people often remarking at the pungent smell emitted by it while also simultaneously commenting on the taste and health benefits that can be derived upon regular consumption of it. Join us today as we aim to settle the debate by elaborating on durian, its benefits, controversy, and countries consumed, and durian delivery Jurong west.

What is it?

Durian is a fruit that originates from the Durio family, and there are about 30 recognized Durio species, among which nine produce edible fruits. It is known for being two things –

  • Pungent in terms of smell.

Because of this, several of the consumers of the product have sort of had a kind of debate as to why one should or shouldn’t consume it; however, it is not that difficult to decide, once you get past the smell, durian presents unique health benefits that are rare to be found in other fruits.

durian delivery Jurong west


  • Rich in vitamins –Durian is proven to be rich in vitamin b and vitamin c
  • Proven to be a mood booster –Durian’s inner composition has proven to have mood-boosting effects.
  • Helps regulate blood pressure – As per studies, Durian helps in regulating blood pressure.
  • Durian helps you sleep better – Durian has proven effects on a persons sleeping pattern, helping them sleep better.
  • It helps combat skin pigmentation – Durian, because of its properties, is known to affect and help against changing skin pigmentation.

What countries is it popular in?

Durian is most prominently consumed in the southeastern nations of Asia. These are –
       –    Malaysia

  • Indonesia
  • Thailand
  • Philippines

Durian delivery

If you’ve just read about the excellent par benefits that come with durian, and are convinced that you need to consume it, then you would be delighted to know that there are certain online setups and delivery stores that do durian delivery Jurong west.

Durian is an extremely unique fruit, offering health benefits that differentiate it from most other fruits and make it a unique and attractive proposition, provided you can get past its strong odour, the benefits that it presents far outweigh its cons.

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