Favorite Foods Diet Review – The Facts About Chrissie Mitchell’s Weight Loss Diet

Chrissie Is Claiming That Favorite Foods Diet Is The Most Delicious Diet On Earth. Is It True? Let’s Find Out

Lose Fat Fast Without Exercise

Is it possible to lose weight by eating donuts and cakes in the breakfast?

Chrissie is claiming that she has discovered a healthy alternative for traditional ingredients that let you lose weight without giving up your favorite desserts. You can consume your favorite chocolate lava cake, and strawberry cheesecake and chocolate ice cream and still lose weight.

If hearing this doesn’t get you excited about this program, then I am sure this review definitely will.

Favorite Foods Diet program is for everyone who is tired of following strict diets but still struggling to lose weight. Most fad diets allow some foods while put restrictions on others but they don’t solve the root problem of weight gain in the first place.

That’s why most of these diets fail to deliver results.

It doesn’t matter since how long you are following any diet, or how many hours you are spending in a gym. If you want a healthy lifestyle, then Favorite Foods Diet is the way to go because it is based on a recent study that was published by the University of Cambridge, England.

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So, let’s find out more about this program.

What Is Favorite Foods Diet All About?

Favorite Foods Diet

Favorite Foods Diet created as a solution for the study conducted by the University of Cambridge, England. This study says the main reason why some people manage to lose weight despite eating endless is because of the presence of good bacteria in their guts known as “Probiotic.”

This Probiotic bacteria lives in the digestive system and break down foods. We all born with this good bacteria but we have lost it over time. Thankfully, it is easy to replace this bacteria with the correct steps without cutting down our favorite foods.

Thus we can say that this program gives a unique approach towards weight loss. It is different from any other weight loss diets that are available online. Most weight loss diets put restrictions on high-carbs and sugary foods, but in this program, there are no such restrictions.

You can continue enjoying your favorite foods without worrying about gaining weight. This weight loss program is not only proven by Chrissie herself, but also by the people who have tried this program.

Watch this video to see what Chrissie has to say about this program: (video will open new tab)

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What Are You Going To Find Inside Favorite Foods Diet?

Although, this book is full of quality information, but for saving the time and space, I have mentioned only a few highlighted methods from this book.

Miracle ShakeMiracle Shakes – Although it sounds weird, but this is the first thing you have to include in your everyday diet. This miracle shakes include a ‘secret ingredient’ that will boost your metabolism. Many people think they are not losing weight because they have a sluggish metabolism. So, if you think you are not losing weight because of your slow metabolism, then this is the ingredient that you need to add in your everyday diet.

Root Cause Of Obesity – In this part of the guide, you will learn about the study of two groups conducted by the University of Cambridge, England. This study will talk about Probiotic and its importance in weight loss. I recommend you to go through this chapter carefully as it will show you some foods that kill these good bacteria in your digestive system and make it difficult for your body to break down food.

A Community – In this section, you will discover the success stories of many people like you and me who have successfully able to burn fat by following this program and now they are in the best shape of their life. This is the best chapter that keeps you motivated until you reach your goal. Motivation is a very important element of weight loss, but sadly many so-called experts don’t put much importance to it.

More than A Fitness Program – In this chapter, you will learn weight loss is the combination of diet and exercise. This program will show you how to combine exercise with diet to lose weight without giving up your favorite foods. You don’t need to follow any fad diet, no calorie counting, no high-protein diet or low-carb diet that failed to work for you in the past.

Who Is Chrissie Mitchell? Is She Credible?

Chrissie Mitchell photo

The great thing about Chrissie Mitchell is she is a woman just like you and me – except she has a perfect body figure that we all dream to have. She is 43 years and the mother of three children.

Just like us, she also suffered from the problems that come with excess weight. These problems negatively affect her self-esteem and marriage to the level that she and her husband both decided to do something.

According to her, she has tried 19 diets but none of them successfully able to keep her lost weight off for a longer period. During her research, she discovered the study of University Of Cambridge, England that scientifically proved the link between gut flora and weight loss. Her discoveries for the solution leads her to the creation of Favorite Foods Diet.

This diet not only worked for her but also worked for thousands of women who lost excess weight from their bodies.

Chrissie Mitchell is now the best-selling author, nutritionist, independent weight loss researcher and a supplement expert. She has helped lots of women in achieving their desired body shape. It is safe to say she knows her stuff about weight loss and we can follow her advice.

If you want to achieve your weight loss goals using Chrissie’s program then click the link below to download her latest program.

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Why I Like This Program:

As a certified nutrition professional, I have gone through many diets. Some of them were good, but some of them are just copy-paste work. When I analyze this Favorite Food Diet, then I conclude three things make this diet different from other weight loss programs.

#1 – ‘Verified’ Fat-Burning Ingredients:

Most weight loss programs contain many fat-storing ingredients such as gluten, wheat, soy, and even sugar. These unhealthy ingredients create hormone imbalance that results in bloating, fatigue, and weight gain.

However, The Favorite Food Diet contains ingredients that are scientifically proven to burn fat by the University of Cambridge, England.

#2 – No Cooking Experience Required:

The main problem with some cookbooks from professional chefs is they are not for busy people, or they practically require a culinary degree that matches their cooking skills. Many recipes in their cookbooks contain unfamiliar ingredients is difficult for a person to find them.

Although I am a certified nutrition professional, I feel ingredients that are recommended by Chrissie are very common and readily available from any store.

I prepared a few recipes using this book, and I don’t have any problem in finding these ingredients.

#3 – Offers Wheat-Free, Gluten-Free And Sugar-Free Recipes:

We all know some people have problems with unhealthy ingredients such as soy, wheat, gluten, and sugar. But still, I notice in many books; their authors don’t mark their recipe whether they are wheat-free, gluten-free or sugar-free.

This is because many authors paste recipes from other sources and don’t test them. These recipes create problem for people that have allergies or food sensitivities.

Chrissie has done great work by marking her recipes, whether they are wheat-free, gluten-free, soy-free, or sugar-free. Information is essential, especially when it comes to putting food into your body.

Final Verdict

Try The Favorite Food DietNow we have come to the end of this Favorite Foods Diet review, and I feel I have complete my task by informing you everything that I know about this program. I think Chrissie has done a great job and results speak itself.

Chrissie has proved that strict diets aren’t the solution for long term weight loss. You can enjoy your favorite food and still lose weight if you know what you are eating. I see many people are talking about this program and it is a good thing.

In the world of strict diets, The Favorite Foods Diet is showing it is possible to lose weight without giving up your favorite foods.

I feel Chrissie’s Favorite Food Diet is an excellent way to lose weight. All the ingredients that Chrissie has recommended are easily available, and miracle shake recipes are easy to make and delicious as well. Click The Button Below To Visit the official page!

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