Why do you need a frozen food supplier in Singapore?

by Stephen Gilpin
Why do you need a frozen food supplier in Singapore?

Frozen food can now be one of the choices that make it easier for a healthy family menu. You can also have an adequate stock of groceries in the freezer. At times you need frozen food supplier singapore to limit mobility as it is today, including shopping at the market or supermarket. In addition, frozen food can also be an efficient way to prepare food, because you can make and store it in large quantities at once for several servings. Usually, frozen foodstuffs are vegetables, otah, chicken meat, fish, and even fruits (it can be for smoothies, puddings, or cakes). Some are in raw, undercooked, or overripe condition.

Are frozen foods healthy?

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Generally, frozen foods can retain vitamins and minerals, and do not alter the content of carbohydrates, proteins, or fats. In fact, under some conditions, frozen food has more vitamins and minerals, compared to fresh food. Why is that? Over time, fresh food decreases its content of vitamins and minerals, while frozen food retains them.

This also applies to frozen vegetables, which, if treated appropriately, can also be higher in nutritional content than fresh vegetables. Because vegetables that are frozen shortly after they are harvested contain more vitamins than fresh vegetables that still have to be transported across the territory to be marketed.

Frozen broccoli, for example, freshly harvested and consisting only of its florets alone can contain more vitamin c and beta-carotene. Beta-carotene is useful as an antioxidant, and immune system, and protects cells from damage. In some types of food, there is no difference between frozen or fresh. For example, the nutritional value of frozen fruits and frozen seafood will not decrease.

Choosing and storing frozen

Food in addition to being more durable, frozen foodstuffs are slower in the rate of damage, because the storage temperature is regulated. The nutritional decline is possible. Well, so that there is no decrease in nutrition, pay attention to the following things.

The storage

Pay attention to the exact way it is stored. Keep the storage temperature as low as possible, preferably below -4 degrees Celsius. Today, more and more frozen food options are sold in supermarkets and even traditional markets. If possible, choose frozen food products derived from local products only. That way, the freshness of the product is better maintained, compared to imported products that have gone through a long process.

If buying frozen food at the supermarket, do not allow the food to thaw before it reaches the house. You can also bring an insulated bag or cooler bag from home to store frozen food during the trip.

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