Things You Should Look For When Buying Peanut Butter

by Stephen Gilpin
Things You Should Look For When Buying Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is one of the most-loved spreads of most families. They are rich in niacin, vitamin E, folate, and other nutrients. Peanut butter is also high in fiber and proteins that the body needs for energy. This kind of nut butter is well known for providing the body with the metabolism boost and immunity that it needs especially during exhausting physical activities.

Since almost everything can now be bought through the internet, you might want to buy peanut butter online. If so, then you need to make sure that you know the essential things to look for in peanut butter.

Go For Organic Varieties

If possible, go for organic and all-natural peanut butter. Remember that peanut butter is made from nuts that are roasted, blanched, and ground. As a result, you will get a jar of smooth, rich, and creamy peanut butter. For organic and natural processes, that’s it. But for some, manufacturing agents are added to make them last longer. And these add-ons are not healthy for the body.

Go For No Sugar Added

If you look at the labels of commercially manufactured peanut butter, they generally contain sugar for taste enhancement. That is why if you have tried some of these, you will notice how oddly sweet they taste compared to the natural version. Even for just 3-5 grams of sugar added, that is already equivalent to 1 teaspoon of sugar to a tablespoon of peanut butter per serving. For the healthier option, go for peanut butter with added sugar in any form like corn syrup, molasses, stevia, and honey.

Peanut Butter

Avoid Added Substitute Oils

Peanuts have their natural oils but sometimes, manufacturers add other types of oils to make their product more suitable for easy spreading. Some add palm oil or coconut oil which are known to be harmful to the heart. Remember that healthy peanut butter should not contain any added oils.

Fewer Ingredients Is Better

When it comes to peanut butter, those with lesser ingredients are your better options. So when buying peanut butter online, choose those with two or fewer ingredients. If you take a look at the label and it has a long list of ingredients, then most likely the manufacturer added preservatives like sugar or salt. This might not cause you alarm, but when consumed in higher amounts, it can be detrimental to one’s health. Also, you should avoid peanut butter with reduced fats because this is manufactured with added starchy substitutes.

Buy Peanut Butter Online

If you are looking where to buy quality peanut butter online,  then you should visit the 99th Monkey website. They offer the best nut spreads like peanut butter and almond butter. They make their products in small batches that is why they are able to carefully source for finest ingredients and create natural nut butter in its creamiest texture.

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