Some Tips When Buying at a Farmer’s Market Online

by Stephen Gilpin
Farmer’s Market Online

If you prefer to eat locally grown and fresh produce, your best option is to shop at a farmer’s market. This makes it easier for you to know the source of the fresh produce because you will be conversing with the grower himself. It may feel overwhelming for a newbie though due to the wide variety of options and the less popular fruit and veggie varieties available. Before you check out on an online farmer’s market site like, it would be better to plan what meals you want to prepare using these ingredients.

Know the Seasonal Produce

It helps to have at least basic knowledge of the seasonal fruits and veggies. With this, you know what to expect when you check out the farmer’s market. Keep in mind always the seasonality of the produce as well as the items that are offered, depending on the area you are residing.

Plan Meals Before You Buy Produce

It’s easier for you to plan meals once you know what is available at the farmer’s market at a particular season. Prepare a meal plan and shop using this as a guide. Create a list of the ingredients along with the corresponding amounts. Don’t forget to be flexible since it is not possible that all the ingredients are available all the time. Be prepared to work with some substitutes.

Farmer’s Market, Premium Online Butcher

Converse with the Farmers

Don’t hesitate to ask the farmer if ever you find a new veggie or fruit in the farmer’s market. Most vendors will be happy to tell you the story behind their products, how they are cultivated, their taste, origin, and their proper way of preparation. Farmers are highly familiar with the crops they grow and they know as well the best way to prepare these for meals. It is not impossible for you to be allowed a taste test. Sites like are willing to provide these.

Always Buy in Wholesale or Bulk

You may enjoy the best deals at the farmer’s market when you buy in bulk. You will be able to buy the best flavors at the best prices when you purchase whatever is at its peak season. If you are concerned about food wastage, you may try some new recipes and relearn the art of food preservation. You can try canning, drying, and freezing for you to enjoy the seasonal flavors at a later time.

Always Consider Whole Foods

Produce sold at the farmer’s market is more often minimally processed whole foods. Carrots are freshly picked, whole, and unpeeled. Beets still include greens and even dirt attached. You have to learn how to handle newly harvested produce. Remember that most of the stuff that is taken by supermarkets from fresh products is edible. Carrot tops for instance can be turned into a delicious pesto.

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