Buying Live Lobsters? What To Do Once You Receive Them?

by Stephen Gilpin
Buying Live Lobsters What To Do Once You Receive Them

Live lobster will always be better than frozen ones. And if you are thinking of buying some to cook for a dinner celebration at home,  then you should know how and where you can buy live lobsters in Hong Kong. You should also know what to do once you receive your ordered live lobsters hong kong. If you are not sure if you are doing it right, then this article is for you. 

Buying Live Lobster In Hong Kong

If you want to go for live lobster, then you should visit Seafood Friday online. They sell the freshest seafood in Hong Kong. From different kinds of fishes, lobster, shrimp, shellfish, and even the best prawn hong kong. They have been serving the best seafood products since 2014.

Storing Live Lobsters

You are probably wondering what you can do with the live lobsters once you receive them. If you would not be able to cook them right away, then you need to learn how to properly store them in your refrigerator. But before doing that, once you receive your order, make sure that you check it first and verify if you received everything that you ordered.

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Never freeze the live lobsters. Do not place them directly in tap water because they are saltwater creatures. Tap water will kill them. If possible, keep the lobsters in their shipping container and place them in the refrigerator. If your fridge does not have that space, then take the lobster out of the container.

Wrap each lobster in damp paper towels. You have to store them with ice packs or inside your refrigerator to keep them as cold as possible. Never seal the lobsters inside an air-tight container. You need to keep them alive until you are ready to cook them.

How Long Can You Keep Lobster In Your Fridge?

Lobsters will die if you dry them out. If you use the method as recommended, it will keep the lobsters slugging and moist. Still, you have to make cook them within 24 to 48 hours or they will not taste as fresh as you expect them to be. Remember that it can only last so long.

The Best Time to Order Lobsters

Lobsters should be handled gently. They are highly perishable so you need to store them right away. It is recommended to buy lobsters a day before you will cook them. This will ensure you of the quality taste that a live lobster promises.

So what are you waiting for? No time to shop? If you are looking for the best quality in seafood, then visit  Seafood Friday online. They know what their customers need and that is top-quality products. There is no doubt that if you choose to purchase your live lobster and other seafood products at Seafood Friday, you will be assured of its quality.

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